ILCA Webinar Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Webinar speakers are not required to be ILCA members. 
  • In order to be considered to present a webinar for ILCA, speakers must incorporate content, language, and references that are diverse and inclusive, such as content that is relevant in a variety of work, cultural, and geographic settings; language that is inclusive of varying sexual orientations, gender identities/expressions, and family structures; and references from a variety of social groups and countries.
  • Presentation and materials must be original and created by the author(s) and may not violate intellectual property, including trademarks and copyrights, of any third-parties.
  • Before using materials in the presentation (including slides) that are created by third parties or any materials that use copyrights belonging to third parties, the author(s) must obtain written permission from the copyright holder and will provide a copy of such permission to ILCA.
  • Submissions must conform to the ILCA Style Guidelines for Written Professional Resources.
  • Webinar abstract submissions are reviewed by ILCA’s Webinar Team and edits may be requested or required.
  • Webinar education will be accepted in the following categories as outlined by IBLCE’s detailed content outline:

           o   Development and Nutrition
           o   Physiology and Endocrinology
           o   Pathology
           o   Pharmacy and Toxicology
           o   Psychology, Sociology, and Anthropology
           o   Techniques
           o   Clinical Practice
           o   Public Health, Community Support, and Advocacy
           o   Professional Development and Education
           o   Research
           o   Diversity and Equity
           o   Ethics

Presenter Terms

  • Primary author/speaker must submit an Educational Planning Table to ILCA’s education team for review.
  • Session titles, objectives, presenter biographies, and headshots will be included in ILCA’s Knowledge Center to which all registrants will have access. These items also may be used on the ILCA website and in marketing materials.
  • Presenters authorize ILCA to use their name, likeness, photograph, and biographical data in connection with the use and promotion of any aspect of the webinar.
  •  ILCA will provide a PowerPoint template Presenters may use their own visual presentation platform or template but may not include commercial or institutional logos during the webinar or in supplemental materials.
  • PowerPoint presentations must be submitted one week prior to thewebinar recording. PowerPoint files are collected and reviewed in order to ensure compliance with accreditation criteria and remain the intellectual property of the presenter. ILCA will not share this file with participants. The final version will be shred as part of the webinar recording.
  • Primary author/speaker for the webinar will receive a $200.00 stipend paid to the presenter upon completion of the webinar broadcast.
  • ILCA and the Presenter mutually agree that all parties shall be released from any and all liability or damages hereunder if ILCA or the Presenter is unable to fulfill the terms of this agreement. If, for any reason, the Presenter is delayed or cannot appear, the Presenter will promptly notify ILCA to arrange a mutually agreeable change of date and/or a substitute Presenter. Any benefits, deposits, and/or advance reimbursements under this agreement shall be transferred to substitute Presenter, if applicable. Substitute Presenters must provide the Education Manager with all required presenter documentation (e.g., biographical and disclosure information) prior to the webinar. If a change of date or substitute Presenter cannot be mutually agreed upon, ILCA and the Presenter agree that this Agreement is cancelled.

Webinar Requirements

  • Learning objectives must be measurable and learner-centered, in terms that describe the behavior learners are expected to demonstrate at the end of the presentation. See the Bloom’s Taxonomy list of verbs for examples. Objectives not written in the correct format will be edited. Presenters are required to include the edited objectives in their PowerPoint.
  • All sessions must conform to the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and subsequent World Health Assembly (WHA) Resolutions.
  • Presenters are required to disclose any real or apparent conflict(s) of interest (COI) that may have a direct bearing on the subject matter of the continuing education activity in written form, on a slide. This includes disclosures of any financial interest/arrangement or affiliation with any organizations that could be perceived as a conflict of interest in the context of the subject matter of their session. This disclosure of COI, or lack thereof, MUST appear after the title slide required for all sessions and MUST also be stated verbally, within the first five minutes of the session. This is a requirement for approval of continuing education credit; failure to comply jeopardizes ILCA’s ability to grant credit to webinar attendees. Failure to comply with noncommercial requirements will result in sanctions regarding participation in future ILCA education events (e.g., conferences, webinars).
  • No commercial messages or logos of any kind are permitted in educational content. Presenters may not promote or advertise commercial materials during their webinar. For example, images of books or any publications that are for sale may not appear anywhere in webinar materials. Slides will be reviewed for compliance prior to the webinar. This is a requirement for approval of continuing education credit; failure to comply jeopardizes ILCA’s ability to grant credit to webinar participants. Failure to comply with noncommercial requirements will result in sanctions regarding participation in future ILCA education events (e.g., conferences, webinars).

Handout Specifications

Handouts aid participants in following along with your presentation, especially those who are vision or hearing impaired or who speak English as a second language. They also provide the opportunity for participants to reference the information noted. In order for materials you present to be shared with attendees, they must be submitted as handouts one week prior to webinar recording. Handouts may or may not be your PowerPoint presentation. It is recommended that every presenter submit at least a list of references to be shared.

  • Submitting a handout constitutes your giving ILCA permission to share your intellectual property with webinar participants. If you would like to allow broader sharing of your handouts, please note your permission on your handout.
  • Handouts must be PDF files formatted for optimal file download size. In order to optimize PowerPoint presentations with several slides per page go to print, select print to PDF, and select for more than one slide to appear per page (see example layout below). Changing the presentation to black and white also will help to optimize the file size.

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Presenters are responsible for ensuring that their submissions and presentations comply with all relevant guidelines. Contact the ILCA Education Manager at with any questions.