Primary Nurse Planner (PNP): Formerly Lead Nurse Planner (LNP)

Category: Advisory Committee

Impact:The PNP ensures that ILCA maintains its status as a provider of professional development for healthcare professionals, which gives ILCA the ability to educate individuals worldwide.

Roles and Responsibilities:

In the education functional area, the PNP will:

  • consult with the Board of Directors (BOD) and staff on future educational offerings as requested;
  • provide oversight in all areas of educational programing;
  • work closely with the Executive Director and specific Board Directors (Directors) related to nurse planner duties/projects;
  • monitor all educational materials for accuracy, consistency, and compliance with ILCA and the accrediting bodies policies and standards, including course and speaker materials;
  • manage collaborative education projects for joint ventures in programs (e.g., inJoy);
  • work closely with staff to manage incoming email and phone calls for assistance with education-related questions and requests; and
  • assist as requested with promotion of education activities and review of association documents.

In the acceditation functional area, the PNP will:

  • serve as the lead contact for ILCA to the accrediting bodies to which ILCA belongs;
  • assist with re-accreditation cycle with ANCC;
  • advise Directors on possible advances and changes in accreditation which may impact the organization (forward all emails from accrediting bodies to staff);
  • oversee compliance of ILCA educational offerings with accrediting body provider regulations;
  • oversee creation of all documentation to ensure requirements are met and submit documentation as needed;
  • provide final approval on all accreditation documents before submission;
  • work directly with staff on submission of required materials and fees;
  • attend accredited body training sessions (virtual and/or in person) as requested and budgeted; and
  • assist with identifying successor(s), who will “train” with PNP for 2-6 months’ time prior to rotating out of the position

In the committee functional area, the PNP will:

  • serve as Chair of the Compliance Team;
  • schedule periodic meetings for Nurse Planners (NPs) to train and provide input/feedback on forms, policies and procedures;
  • orient and train NPs;
  • appoint and train NPs in collaboration with Education & Membership Manager;
  • assign NPs to review education materials on different committees and sub-committees;
  • provide support to the NPs involved in all areas of ILCA programing;
  • ensure that minutes are kept at every meeting and that those minutes are provided to staff for saving and distributed to members of the committee after the meeting;
  • monitor the group’s progress and communicate with staff members assigned to the committee, if any; and
  • resolve conflicts among NPs and the chairs of committees they work with, as needed.

In the annual conference functional area, the PNP will:

  • assist with planning the educational programing for the annual conference;
  • assist the Conference Program Task Force with abstract formation, evaluation and selection as well as review of and scheduling of sessions;
  • serve as NP contact for general session speakers, ensuring their documentation and presentation are in compliance with ILCA and accrediting body standards and policies;
  • review speaker evaluations following the conference, provide feedback, and make recommendations on process changes, as needed;
  • participate in conference planning meetings, as needed;
  • work closely with staff to manage incoming email and phone calls requesting assistance with education-related questions from speakers; and
  • attend the annual conference to provide oversight and ensure compliance of presentations with ILCA and accrediting bodies policies and standards.

Qualifications :

It is required that the PNP:

  • is an ILCA member in good standing throughout the volunteer term.
  • has a current, unencumbered nursing license (or international equivalent);
  • has a graduate degree with either a baccalaureate or graduate degree in nursing (or international equivalent);
  • has a commitment to active service;
  • is detail oriented; and
  • has prior nurse planning experience.

Work Location(s):

  • Conference Call(s) scheduled on ILCA Zoom line
  • Independent work
  • Basecamp community site for virtual discussion


  • About 20.00 hours per month for at least one (1.00) year
    • Generally: 5.00 hours per week
    • Occasionally: up to 20.00 hours per week (accreditation check points, abstract review, attendance at the annual conference, etc.)


  • Pay the Contractor a flat rate of US$5,000.00 annually for work performed by the Contractor in compliance with this agreement (payments of $1,250.00 will be sent quarterly upon completion of each meeting – December, March, June, September);
  • Pay travel, registration and standard per diem expenses for the Contractor to attend the annual ILCA conference and fulfill educational services per this agreement;


  • 3 hours of training
    • All Advisory Committee volunteers complete a 60-minute (1-hour) orientation training.
    • The PNP will have an additional 2.0 hours of training with the Education & Membership Manager.

Staff Supervisor and Contact Information:

Deb Doepp, Education & Membership Manager


Phone Number: 919.459.6108