Celebrate IBCLC Day

on 1 March 2023!

International Board Certified Lactation Consultant® (IBCLC®) Day celebrates the extraordinary services that IBCLCs provide to expectant parents, new mothers and the healthcare teams who form their circle of care.  Join us in celebrating this day by thanking all the IBCLCs that significantly transform world health through skilled lactation care and reflecting on the incredible impact that IBCLCs have made over the past 38 years.

IBCLC Day Marketing Toolkit

Use our IBCLC Day Marketing Toolkit to promote IBCLC Day! Featuring information on IBCLC Day, sample social media posts, suggested hashtags, a sample email, and graphics – this toolkit makes it easy for you to show your appreciation of IBCLCs!

View and download the toolkit here.

IBCLC Day Celebration Ideas

For facilities who have IBCLCs on staff

  • Spotlight your IBCLCs. Submit recognition or kudos to your facility’s newsletter or intranet news section.
  • Hand out awards. Host a mini awards ceremony at your center. Print off appreciation certificates or give out trophies to the IBCLCs on your staff as a way to let them know their hard work is appreciated and noticed.
  • Get social. Make use of our downloadable graphics (below) and post to your facility’s social media channels to thank your IBCLCs and amplify the support and care they provide to expectant parents and families.
  • Show your gratitude for the IBCLCs you know on the ILCA Facebook page. Leave a comment and tag the IBCLC on our IBCLC Day post (to be posted 1 March).
  • Say thanks with an e-card or handwritten note. Ask your administration, colleagues, or other key stakeholders to show their thanks, too, by signing your note or writing one of their own. Download our e-card below!

For colleagues and families who have worked with IBCLCs

  • Show your gratitude for the IBCLCs you have worked with. Leave a comment and tag them on the IBCLC Day post, which will be posted to the ILCA Facebook page on 1 March.
  • Say thanks with a handwritten note or an e-card, which can be downloaded below.
  • Get social. Make use of our downloadable graphics (below) and post to your personal social media channels to thank the IBCLCs you’ve worked with.


  • Share your story. Post on the ILCA Facebook page and share why you became an IBCLC, your most memorable professional moment, or what you love most about being an IBCLC.
  • Use our IBCLC graphics. Use any of the below downloadable graphics when posting to your social media channels or sending emails to show your pride as an IBCLC.

Shareable Graphics

Facebook/Instagram Post Graphics

Show your gratitude for the IBCLCs you know by using these graphics to accompany your Instagram and/or Facebook post(s).

Email Signature Banner

Show your IBCLC pride by using this signature banner to spread the word about IBCLC Day with every email you send. Add the banner to your automatic signature or type it into each email.

IBCLC Day eCard

Send an IBCLC Day eCard to all your colleagues and fellow IBCLCs to wish them a Happy IBCLC Day. Do not forget to send one to the IBCLC who mentored you or encouraged you to become a lactation consultant.

IBCLCs On Staff Flyer

Does your facility have IBCLCs on staff? If so, download this flyer and display it in prominent areas such as waiting rooms, reception areas, the cafeteria, display boxes, and areas that provide services to pregnant individuals, infants, young children, and families such as a prenatal or postpartum floor, and neonatal or pediatric departments.

Show Us How You Are Celebrating

Share your photos and stories by emailing them to marketing@ilca.org along with a short description so that we can share the fun!

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