Celebrate IBCLC® Day

on 2 March 2022!

ILCA celebrates IBCLC day, an annual day highlighting the services IBCLCs provide to expectant parents, new mothers and the healthcare team who form their circle of care.  ILCA is celebrating this day by thanking all the IBCLCs that significantly transform world health by providing skilled lactation care and reflecting on the incredible impact that IBCLCs have made during the past 36 years.

Show your IBCLC Day pride! Download and share the below free graphics.

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Plan Your Activities

You can stage a fun and successful IBCLC Day celebration with just a little planning. Consider:

  • Your target audience. Is it parents, health staff, students who are future parents and health workers, IBCLCs, or the wider public?
  • Placement for maximum effect. Can you link your event to another high-profile activity aimed at your target audience? Do you want many small activities or one large activity?
  • Where you could hold on activity, consider a local hospital, health clinic, baby store, shopping mall, mother support group meeting, library, health fair. The possibilities are endless!

Shareable Graphics

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Email Signature Banner

Use a signature banner to spread the word about IBCLC Day with every email you send. Add the banner to your automatic signature or type it into each email.

IBCLC Staff Sign

Download this sign and hang it on prominent areas such as the reception area, waiting area, prenatal services, postpartum floor, neonatal, pediatric service, and other areas that provide services for pregnant women, infants, young children, and their mothers.

IBCLC Day eCard

Send an IBCLC Day eCard to all your colleagues and fellow IBCLCs to wish them a Happy IBCLC Day. Do not forget to send one to the IBCLC who mentored you or encouraged you to become a lactation consultant.

IBCLC Day Flyer

Visit health clinics and physician offices in your community to thank them for supporting breastfeeding and making referrals to IBCLCs. Offer copies of this flyer about how IBCLCs make an impact.

Celebrate IBCLC Day by promoting the profession!

Do not Forget

Remember to take photos during the events! Please send them to ILCA at marketing@ilca.org along with a short description so that we can share the fun!