ILCA Board Elections

ILCA Members are called to actively participate in the call for nominations and slate election process in order to determine ILCA Board of Directors.

Board Election Timeline

  • 2 August – Board of Directors Election opens
  • 18 August – Board of Directors Election closes
  • Late-August – Elected candidates announced

Slate Election

The ILCA Nominations and Elections Task Force is pleased to present the slate for the 2024 ILCA Board of Directors. This group of individuals brings a wide variety of experience and leadership that will help support ILCA’s mission and vision. Per ILCA Bylaws, the Board of Directors has approved the opening of three director positions for 2024.

ILCA members in good standing are entitled to one vote on each matter submitted. For the 2024 Board of Directors slate, each member may use their one vote on this matter to select up to three (3) candidates for the Board of Directors.

Slate Voting

To vote, please visit this page and log-in as a member to access the ballot.

The voting period for the 2024 ILCA Board of Directors slate will remain open until Friday, 18 August, 23:59:59 EDT.

If you have any questions related to the nominations and election process, please contact

2024 Board Slate

At this time, there are four (4) nominees for three (3) open director positions on the ILCA Board of Directors. Director terms are three (3) years. The candidates are listed below in alphabetical order.

Sue Jameson, MA, IBCLC, FILCA (Ireland)

I’m Sue Jameson IBCLC, FILCA, and it has been my pleasure to assist breastfeeding dyads and families for over three decades, both as a community-based volunteer and for the past 20 years as an LC in Private Practice. I have three adult children and 2.5 grandchildren – .5 due in November of this year! They taught most of what I know about breastfeeding and infant behavior.

So, what do I bring as a potential director? I love committees and have served on numerous Boards and governing bodies during my varied career. I bring a level-headed and genuine desire to achieve understanding and consensus among members. I have a good sense of humour and boundless energy, both necessary characteristics when working with people at all levels. I love people and what makes them tick. I would strive for engagement with all the segments that make up ILCA and the differing world views that an international organization necessarily encompasses.

I have been involved in breastfeeding education and support through many avenues:

  1. As a Tutor for volunteer counsellors having helped devise and deliver a 20 module training course for Cuidiu – a parent support group in the community in Ireland,
  2. As a member and past President of our National Association ALCI, conference planning and education modules was a key part of my role.
  3. Working with multi agency groups to devise literature and materials for other Health Care Professionals under the auspices of The Irish College of Physicians.
  4. I have represented community based breastfeeding supporters on expert working groups within the department of health
  5. Currently involved with WBTi as Ireland hopes to submit its first report this year
  6. I have spoken at many conferences home and abroad covering many and varied lactation based topics.

Angela Love-Zaranka, BA, IBCLC, RLC (USA)

My name is Angela Love-Zaranka. I am honored to be considered for the position of Director on the ILCA Board of Directors.

As an IBCLC for the past 26 years, I have served on international, national, and regional boards of directors. I have also served as a board member and committee chair in several capacities, and as the chair for a multi-disciplinary committee implementing the BFHI guidelines and criteria. Currently, I am the program director for an international lactation education organization.

I believe the lessons I have learned and the skills I have developed in each of these capacities will allow me to contribute a richness of experience to the ILCA Board of Directors.

However, my desire to serve on the ILCA Board of Directors is rooted in my earliest days as a lactation helper. My professional lactation career is built on a peer support background. I learned all facets of the field (lactation support, administrative roles, and leadership skills) by doing the work as a volunteer.

These experiences taught me to truly hold space for people as they journey through parenthood. I learned that every mother/parent is an expert on their own baby, that each baby speaks directly to the heart of their parent, and that every mother/parent is doing what they know is best for their family. I developed a deep service orientation toward those I am honored to work with every day. I am there to support their journey, not superimpose my beliefs and experiences onto their lives.

In exactly the same way, I aspire to bring my experience and knowledge to the ILCA Board of Directors, while holding space for the fact that those who make up the ILCA membership are the experts on what they need from ILCA to best serve the families they interact with every day.

As a Director, I would be there to support your journey as a lactation consultant, by listening deeply to your voice as an individual member,  as well as the collective voice of our dedicated, amazing, diverse membership, and to use my decades of experience to envision new, effective ways that ILCA can meet the needs you identify as most important.

Sushma Malik, MD, FIAP, IBCLC (India)

I am a pediatrician, neonatologist, and lactation consultant with over 35 years of experience in addressing the challenges of reducing neonatal and infant mortality in a diverse country like India.

I have been a Professor Emeritus and Head of Pediatrics and Neonatology Department in one of India’s largest public multi-specialty hospitals and medical college in Mumbai. Working here gave me an opportunity of closely interacting with people of all socio-economic, cultural, linguistic, and religious backgrounds. I am a national assessor for Baby Friendly Hospital and senior faculty and trainer for IYCN, KMC, Breastfeeding & IBCLC program. This has helped me spread the message of breastfeeding in the community in both the urban slums and in rural areas.

Currently, I am the President of the Breastfeeding Promotion Network of India, Maharashtra and the Expert Advisor for the National Neonatology Forum, India for breastfeeding promotion. These have provided me with new platforms to widen the reach of breastfeeding and IYCN practices across the country and living my passion.

My vision for ILCA is to make it truly global and inclusive, by increasing focus on Asia, Africa, and Latin America which account for more than 90% of births. I believe that with my experience of working in a public hospital which was focused on the underprivileged sections of society, I have the necessary experience and skills to help ILCA in achieving this goal. I envisage a future in which we work in partnership with all stake holders, governments, corporate, NGOs, and the medical fraternity to take our message forward to all parts of the globe.

View a recorded video from Sushma.

Andini Pramono, PhD, MPH, IBCLC (Indonesia/Australia)

I’m Andini Pramono, a wife and a mother of two beautiful kids. My journey began when I was pregnant with my first child and attended breastfeeding education class at the Indonesian Breastfeeding Mothers Association (Asosiasi Ibu Menyusui Indonesia/AIMI). I was amazed at the new knowledge I gained and all the programs that they had, so I joined as a volunteer in 2012. A year later, I attended 40 hours of WHO/UNICEF breastfeeding counselling workshops, then achieved my IBCLC in 2017, and joined ILCA afterward. During that time, I had my second child who had a congenital heart defect in 2014, so breastfeeding was very challenging.

With my work experience in hospital management consulting for eight years and personal experience when my breastfed son underwent open heart surgery at 10-months old, I realized that not every hospital provides adequate education and support for breastfeeding mothers, whether it’s during pregnancy, birth or postpartum. This motivated me to undertake a PhD that focused on Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative and Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding at the Australian National University.

Using mixed methods in two hospitals, I examined the facilitator and barrier of implementing BFHI and Ten Steps in Australia and Indonesia. The quantitative part was measuring social value of implementing these initiatives using a Social Return on Investment (SROI) framework, while the qualitative part was examining midwives and nurses’ experiences in implementing it. The two parts then complemented the last step, which was integrative analysis using Non-adoption, Abandonment, Scale up, Spread and Sustainability (NASSS) framework.

During my PhD at ANU, I was awarded the Deeble Summer Research Scholarship from Deeble Institute for Health Policy Research Scholarship Program of Australian Healthcare and Hospitals Association (AHHA) in 2020 and published a Health Policy Issues Brief titled “Improving the Uptake of the Baby Friendly Health Initiative in Australian Hospitals” as the outcome. Furthermore, I was involved in the working group for Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Accreditation at ANU from 2018 to 2019, have been involved in WBTi Australia since 2019, and part of the Australian Breastfeeding Association since January 2023.

I am very passionate in the lactation research and advocacy area. I am eager to learn more and work together with all ILCA members to contribute positively and play my role to achieve our goal: ensuring that all babies have an equal and healthy start.