Maryse Arendt, IBCLC

Maryse Arendt was born in Luxembourg where she lives still today. She trained as a teacher and came to breastfeeding trough her personal experience and her active engagement in founding an organization in Luxembourg to improve birth and breastfeeding conditions. As an active member she trained as a child birth educator and a lactation consultant IBCLC. She is an IBCLC since 1992 and the actual Board chair of the Luxembourg lactation consultant organization. Maryse Arendt is a member of the national breastfeeding committee in Luxembourg since the beginning.

As a person interested in sound breastfeeding support from birth she brought the Baby-friendly Hospital Initiative to Luxembourg and is the national BFHI coordinator and an external assessor for BFHI with international experience. As a member of the BFHI Network, an International Network of BFHI Coordinators and their board of directors she is attending the Global Breastfeeding Collective meetings.

Her Luxembourg association is a member of the IBFAN Network and as such she is involved in coordinating the European region under the lead of Patti Rundall.

She is the assistant editor to the Journal of Human lactation JHL for the WHO International Code – She has long experience as the ILCA delegate to Codey Alimentarius and the World Health Assembly.

She has published numerous articles in JHL and some examples from other journals.

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