Babies & Families in Your Care THRIVE when YOU do.

Get access to the tools, resources, and support you need to guide your lactation practice and strengthen your value in transforming the health of your community.

World-Class Education

Evidence-Based Research

Global Advocacy & Promotion

Do You Need More Support to Thrive as a Lactation Professional?

Do you need access to world-class education?

Are you seeking a network you can get advice from?

Is evidence-based research hard to find?

Do families have difficulty finding you?

Do other healthcare professionals not value your contributions?

Do you need guidance on how to advocate for your self?


Building Your Knowledge

Access World-Class Education to fulfill your certification requirements and evidence-based research to guide you in complex cases

Connecting with Others

Learn from other lactation professionals from around the world, connect with families who need your support and access mentors to guide you

Being Recognized as an Expert

Use advocacy tools to demonstrate your value as a critical professional in the healthcare field

And Making The Impact You Desire!

ILCA Membership has helped thousands of lactation professionals be more successful

Katinka Musavaya (Zimbabwe):

As the only practicing IBCLC® in my country, ILCA is my window to the lactation world. I also love the Journal of Human Lactation for keeping up to date with research for my clients.

Josephine Nalugo (Uganda):

I have been an ILCA member the past 6 years, through a scholarship from the Wisconsin Association of Lactation Consultants. During that time, I have supported over 1000 mothers and their babies in my country of Uganda, as well as in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Ghana. ILCA has introduced me to knowledge that I have been seeking and it enabled me to grow the care I offer in my community. I feel like my journey has just begun with moms, babies, and their papas to breastfeed and I need ILCA membership to continue this work.

Brooke Azevedo (USA):

I refer to the ILCA website a few times a month for various things ranging from finding another IBCLC® to looking up an article, to watching the ILCA conference remotely! My membership is invaluable, and it provides the standard of care in which I practice.

With ILCA Membership, you get:

Education & Research

World-Class education with a minimum of 10 continuing education credits per year

Evidence-Based Research through a quarterly subscription to the Journal of Human Lactation

Lactation guidelines and protocols through ILCA’s Clinical Guidelines, Triage Tool and Spanish Breastfeeding Glossary

Discounts on the ILCA Conference or Virtual Conference


Recognition by Global Advocacy Leaders guiding healthcare in every community

Opportunities to volunteer your expertise to the organization and impact change for the profession


Connected to thousands of like-minded lactation professionals

Visibility through ILCA’s Find A Lactation Consultant Directory, which is marketed to families in your community

What is Your Investment?

ILCA’s membership pricing structure is a reflection of our commitment to knowledge, diversity, and equity. Access details on the membership categories and identify your country category.

Membership dues are paid in USD. As soon as you join, you will have full access to all of your ILCA member benefits. If you are joining for the first time, you will receive 12 months of membership. If you are renewing, 12 months will be added to your current membership.

What Makes ILCA Different than Other Associations for Lactation Professionals?

ILCA is the only international association representing lactation professionals at the table where global health decisions are being made.  These global health decisions determine the lactation care related regulations and protocols being implemented in every community around the world.

As a lactation professional, you know that breastfeeding improves the health of babies and mothers alike.  Unfortunately, 60% of families are not reaching their breastfeeding goals and global health outcomes are being threatened because:

  • healthcare systems lack capacity in lactation knowledge;
  • communities do not have access to skilled lactation care; and 
  • baby milk companies are using unethical marketing practices to target vulnerable populations.  

With the tools and resources offered in an ILCA membership, you will confidently use evidence to guide your practice and strengthen your value in your community’s healthcare system, ensure families can locate your services, and support global advocacy work that promotes the role of lactation professionals, like you, in transforming world health.

No other organization can offer you the security and confidence you need to thrive as a lactation professional.

Gender Inclusive Language Policy

ILCA is committed to using inclusive language for greater global health equity and recognizes that not all parents feeding their babies identify as mothers or as breastfeeding parents.